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ESDi Students association

ESDi Students association

What is it?

ESDi Students Association (AEE) is a platform created by students that aims to coordinate and manage problems of ESDi community providing solutions. It is a support board integrated by delegates of each group and course with representation in the centre and in the Ramon Llull University vice-chancellor’s office, to foster communication and coexistence with the rest of URL faculties.

The Association is also in charge of organizing those events that are part of the university life in ESDi: parties, activities, workshops or other non-academic events.

How does it act?

ESDi AEE calls meetings bi-monthly. Delegates and sub-delegates of each educational training and course take part in these meetings in order to establish communication between the different groups and to discuss about community aspects. In addition, AEE has full membership in Academic Coordination meetings of the centre, that is, it is in constant communication and in a direct, respectable and honest way with the direction of the centre, previously through other government bodies like Students Support.

Which are its objectives?

In short, the objective of AEE is to satisfy the students’ needs and to act as a communication bridge between ESDi students group and the direction of the centre

On which concepts is it based?

Community, familiarity, personal and professional growing, educational training, management and coordination ability, debate, cause-effect, participation, solidarity, tolerance and respect.

“There is strength in numbers.”

President of AEE: Lluís Torres