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Selfs-Labs and Help-Lab

Selfs-Labs and Help-Lab

ESDI Self –Labs and Help-Labs are fully equipped laboratories with computer- controlled machines that allow all ESDi students to make (almost) anything. These new Labs are a living project. They are based on a shared knowledge network which distributes ideas and projects on the School.

ESDi Self-Labs and Help-Labs place the relationships between research, knowledge transfer and learning at the heart of its mission. It is a unique research and development centre at ESDi University that supports design and innovation through the application of the latest technology for the purposes of research, prototyping, product development, sampling, small-scale production, training and education.

These new 3 self-labs are equipped with the latest technology in the feld such as 3D printers, virtual holographic reality and digitalization of textile and fabrication processes. These three spaces allow students to experiment with the latest technologies applied to 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, and pattern digital systems, as well as becoming a R&D centre to develop pilot projects. ESDi Self-Labs and Help-Labs will be instrumental in developing inter- institutional research and commercial partnerships with international companies, and providing learning opportunities for students from undergraduate to doctoral level. The 3 Self-Labs are located on the 0 foor of ESDi. 



  • Self and 3D printing Lab

Along with the 3D Printer and Laser Academic Lab, students will be able to carry out 3D printing work with high performance workstations and 3D printers. ESDi students work with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder with 1.75mm flaments and a 255x155x170mmm volume of printing


  • Virtual Lab. Partnership with HP
Additionally to the already existing academic technology classrooms, equipped with specifc software for digital image processing, the Virtual Lab allows students to experiment with the latest technologies applied to virtual design and augmented reality, as well as being a pilot R&D centre in Design. The Virtual Lab is equipped with:

- HP WORKSTATION Z440 + MONITOR - Immersive computing: HP SPROUT PRO

  • Textil making Self-Lab

Academic Dressmaking and Pattern workshops incorporate a new Lab that allows, through a digital pattern generator, the creation of fashion collections.This new equipment will allow students to capture data and to create sewing patterns with the new GEMINICAD software.

The Lab will be equipped with:

- GeminiNestExpert v.X9
- GeminiFotodigitalizer v.X9
- GeminiPatternEditor v.X9
- GeminiCutPlan v.X9



In addition to the 3 Self-Labs, ESDi has an Electronic Help-Lab. This unique Lab aims to assist students, alumni and researchers to transform and/or to endow their designs and products with smart capacities. For this reason, ESDi holds a TECH team focused on ICT and its required facilities.

The Electronic Help-Lab is located within the Product unit.