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Labour exchange and Internships

Labour exchange and Internships


Internships in enterprises have the function of completing and reinforcing student’s training with work experiences in corporate field.

In the training programme, internships are developed in the subject Profession practice, at the 4th academic year, although there is the possibility to make the internships at 3rd year if the student requires it. Internships must last from 120 and 220 hours and they are equivalent to 14 credits. If the company decides to continue the relationship with the student can do with the possibility of drafting a second agreement .

ESDi internship programme is regulated by Royal Decree 592/2014,  July 11.

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The school link with corporate world is one of the founding objectives. This link is expressed in the internship programme in enterprises, which is done compulsorily by 4th year students of each training programme.



Labour exchange

Besides school connection with a great number of enterprises along all studies, the centre also keeps the relationship once finished the teaching activity.

ESDi has a labour exchange to ease work incorporation and professional improvement of all its graduates. Students who want to recieve job offers or who want to know how labour exchange works can write to