Digital Humanities
General Information

General Information

In 2020, 50% of the population will have grown to an electronic device in their hands. At ESDi we believe that this is the generation of change, able to understand the world, analyze it and act using digital tools it has available. Our studies in Digital Humanities (Creativity, Technology and Enterprise) help open windows of opportunity for people "digitally native" and ways to become competitive in a new complex.

Studies on Digital Humanities (Creativity, Technology and Enterprise) facilitate understanding competitive and versatile digital society today, which enables the individual to intervene consciously and judiciously own with a solid humanistic and social .

The studies include content structuring of thought, in more general fields of history, literature, philosophy, culture, religion, geography and demographic composition of current politics, sociology and anthropology, among others. We encourage interdisciplinary, cross-cutting and integration issues in order to train students a methodology and appropriate technological skills to work in a modern world dominated by digital knowledge. For this reason some content deepen learning methodologies in the field of humanities and social sciences, basic for incorporation in the professional world.



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