Master degree in Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX Design)


The main objectives of the Master UI/UX are:

-    To train designers capable of understanding, on the one hand, the objectives of the company that provides information services for interactive devices and, second, the characteristics and needs of the users of these services. Thus, the designer can offer fluent interaction between the person and the information system, generating positive experiences in people.

-    To train specialized professionals from a broad perspective of transversal skills in digital design and development for various media and devices, tools, applications, creating interfaces, organization and management of multimedia content, as well as knowledge of concepts such as e-services, agile methodologies, usability research in human-computer interaction and interactivity.

-    Instruction in techniques and methodologies for developing complex projects with professional solutions, promoting inter-human relations and teamwork.

That at the end of the Master program, the student is expected to:

- Understand the nature of interactive systems in the design field.
- Know different methods of teamwork.
- Design the information structure and navigation through the interactive system.
- Understand the different needs depending on the type of user that they are working with.
- Design graphical user interfaces regardless of the format of the device and the type of user that the project demands.
- Be able to develop technically the Front-end work.
- Learn and practice techniques for usability evaluation and how to improve the user experience based on the obtained measurement data.
- Know perform tests with users.
- Acquire knowledge in the fields related to innovation, design, interactive and computer systems, all relevant to the development of digital services.
- Develop analytical and creative skills to propose mechanisms of innovation in the market for digital services.
- Understand the correlation between cultural and social aspects with others linked to the world of business and innovation in the context of interactive systems management issues.