Master degree in Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX Design)

Master degree in Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX Design)

The Master Degree in Interface and User Experience Design (Master UI / UX) is projected as a result of the need to train qualified professional staff in the field of information systems design for the different interactive devices on the ITC market. There is currently a great demand for professionals who can design more useful, more effective and simpler products that make rich experiences in users.

In an information society where user participation is increasingly important, the graphic interface becomes the key element for the interaction between people and artifacts, and through it the user experience is possible. User experiences which can set the destiny of a company and, by extension, of the market: companies not only have to sell their products or services, but must also create memorable experiences in their consumers.





For these reasons, get knowledge related to the management and presentation of the information that suits the variety of devices and formats available and fits to the different areas of human everyday life (entertainment, education, health, economy, culture, etc.) will allow students develop highly competitive projects by understanding the needs associated with this type of problem and through effective technical solution that these projects require.

Therefore, the UI/UX Master curriculum includes the current methodologies for the design and development of online services, from conception to production and testing with end users, especially from the design point of view, differentiating factor when seeking and finding innovation that every company wants.

This master offers a total of 20 vacancies and has the support and collaboration of: