Digital Art Curatorship (Official)


Master’s degree main objectives are the following:

  • To train in el exhibitions commission and cultural events field, cultural management, art theory and criticism, especially in creation areas using new media (electronic or media art, multimedia creation, Internet, et).


  • To provide very latest knowledge about conceptual, formal, technical and specialized instruments for creation, planning, management, design and productions development, research, critical thought formation and aesthetic sensibility for the most contemporary trends in art.


  • To contribute to the access to contemporary art circuit aimed at new media, through knowledge of its most important institutions and circulation spaces, emphasizing regular events that constitute nowadays the meeting and interaction points of public, artists and theorist interested in the confluence of arts and new technologies.


  • To instruct in the techniques and methodologies to develop complex projects with professional solutions, strengthening inter-human relationships and group work.


  • For students who want to keep on studying a PhD, to provide the necessary research methodology competences in humanities, specifying art and design.