Digital Art Curatorship (Official)

Management and teaching staff

Team teachers of the Masters in Digital Art Curator

Dr. Leonidas Martin

Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. multimedia artist, teacher and researcher on new technologies and political art. He is a member co-founder of the cultural association Enmedio (

Dra. Mireia Feliu

Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Artist, professor and researcher in R & D on multimedia design. Member of the research group TADD ESDi / URL.

Dr.Valentín Roma

Doctor in Art History and Philosophy at Southampton University (Winchester School of Art). Curator, professor and researcher of contemporary art.

Dra. Maia Creus

in Art History at the University of Barcelona, ​​curator, researcher and cultural manager. Member of the editorial board of the journal Idees Quadern de les, les Arts i les Lletres (Ars Foundation), and member of the research group TADD ESDi / URL.

Dr. Bani Brusadin

Producer and cultural researcher, founder and co-director of The Influencers Festival in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB).

Dra. Gloria Fernandez

PhD in Art History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Research, cultural manager and director of ESDi. Member of the research group TADD ESDi / URL.

Dr. Pep Dardanyà

Doctor of Social Communication at the University Pompeu Fabra. visual artist, cultural manager and designer of exhibitions. He has been director of Can Xalant. Centre for Creation and Contemporary Thought Mataró and director of L'Espai Cultural Foundation Sabadell 1859.

Dr. Pau Alsina

Doctor in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture by the University. Director journal Artnodes on art, science and technology, and researcher GRECS group on Culture, Technology and Society. His research focuses on the cultural innovation processes related to ICT.

Dr.Pau Waelder

Doctor in Information Society and Knowledge by the UOC. It is an art critic, independent curator, professor and researcher in the field of art, science and technology. Part of the team of curators of Art Futura festival (Barcelona). He has been a juror for several awards for contemporary and digital art section editor of Media Art of the contemporary art magazine It also works as a critic and writer for the magazine ETC. Revue d'art actuel (Montréal) and the LIFE website.

Tere Badia

Degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona and Master in Sociology from the University. Director of Hangar: Production and research center of the visual arts. Research and cultural production in various formats

Oscar Abril

Cultural producer and researcher specializing in theory and practice of performativity researcher. He was curator of the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, ​​co-director of the Zeppelin Sound Art Festival and curator of the program Audio Centre d'Art Santa Monica. Member of the research and innovation platform Zzzinc.

Dr. Ivan Marino

Doctor in communication sciences by the Lusophone University of Lisbon. Professor and researcher of visual language and production artist in experimental formats, such as video art and documentary author. His works obtained interna-tional recognition of the Torches, Rockefeller and MacArthur foundations, as well as awards at festivals in Hanover (Up and Coming, Hanover, 1997), Videobrasil (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1996), ForumVídeo (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1995), Canariasmediafest International Festival Canarias (Spain, 2006), and lIMBO, Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art and Fundación Telefónica (Argentina, 2006).

Victoria Sacco

PhD in Arts at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Teacher, curator and researcher of art and multimedia. Between 2003 and 2008 he coordinated the audiovisual area of ​​the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (MAMba) and MAMBA / Fundación Telefónica Award: Art and New Technologies. He recently worked as an external researcher MACBA and Oteiza Museum.

Ruben Martinez

Member and co-founder of and public policy consulting Socol Professor and researcher on the relationship and tension between policies that foster social innovation and processes of community resource management.

Dra. Natàlia Cantó

Doctor in Social Cciences from the University of Bielefeld. Professor and researcher in Arts & Humanities.

Dra. Mariona Corcelles

Doctor in Psychology and Bachelor of Philosophy. psychology consultant in the field of writing processes and corporate learning. Group member SINTE Research ( and adherit grup GRAI.

Dra. Inés Martins

Doctor in Psychology of Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Academic Coordinator ESDi. Director of the Master in Digital Art Curator. Member of the research TADD ESDi / URL. His research focuses on Feminist Perspectives and New Media.