Digital Art Curatorship (Official)


Internships in Cultural Institutions

This Master gives facilitates for the management of the internships in  companies linked to the different sectors of curating art organizations such as: CCCB (Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) , l'Estruch, Centre d' Art Laboral, The Influencers Festival, LOOP Festival, Centre d' Art Santa Monica or Tàpies Foundation.
Students who choose the professional area must do in this internship in order to have work experience in public or private institutions, festivals or art galleries, worth with 05 credits. This credits are focused on expanding the student's professional experience in their field of expertise so that you can apply their knowledge gained in developing the final master project. Also important to facilitate student access to the labor market and increase their network professions. The student has a responsibility that monitors within the enterprise or institution which issues a final evaluation report and a tutor at school that keeps track of the practices.