Advice of Styling, Image and Communication

Syllabus of the Master in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication

The master's degree organized around 6 areas

Area context of the environment (5 credits).
The world in the third millennium. Sociology of fashion. The internationalization of fashion, creative processes and structure of the fashion industry.

Area advisory file lifecycle and components (5 credits)

Personal image and corporate iconological techniques. The process of creating the col • Collection of fashion. Analysis and determination of trends and creative direction.

Area of ​​communication in the global society (10 credits)
Theory of communication in the global society. Persuasive communication corporations. Fashion communication: advertising and media strategy. Fashion Marketing. Analysis of consumer digital marketing. Techniques and processes. The press kit: Contents and recipients. The fashion showroom.

Department of Psychology and Perception (4 credits)
Intelligence and intuition. Personal Branding

Stylist and image area (14 credits)
The stylist: Mission and functions. The creative process in the context of fashion styling. Stylist. Photography and fashion.

Area protocol and event production (5 credits)
Institutional and personal Protocol. Production and management of events.

Final master project (15 credits)
Students perform at the end of a Master project which will implement all aspects considered in the different modules. This project should make a substantive contribution, both as a professional conceptual field image, styling and communications. The project is led by professors and professionals in the fashion and image.

Seminars (2 credits)

WorkShop Picture and Styling: Makeup, hair salon, clothing and accessories. Fashion and cinema.

WorkShop Creativity: The creative process vs creative improvisation. Personal Shopper.

Work Shop and Styling Picture: Makeup, hair salon, clothing and accessories.