Advice of Styling, Image and Communication

Objectives of the Master in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication

Master’s degree in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication main objectives are the following:

• Interdisciplinary study of different areas focused on image consultancy, fashion and fashion designing, communication, events organization, social trends analysis and global understanding of fashion in world economic politics context, as well as cultural displays, in order to provide all that knowledge both theoretical and practical necessary to master techniques and codes that reinforce image.

• To train professionals in the international, specific and dynamic context of fashion, who contribute a contemporary and multidisciplinary view, in fashion designing, personal and corporate image consultancy, fashion communication and protocol and events organization and production fields.

• To develop necessary managing and analytical skills of master’s degree participants to carry out multidisciplinary projects in a global environment, in which the use of new technologies, creativity and innovation, as well as social and environmental responsibility are essential.

• Provide tools which will enable the student to identify and anticipate changes in lifestyles, consumers’ preferences and current and emerging trends, through creative experimentation and research.

• To foster 2.0 communication and/or social networks as a platform of new entrepreneurship proposing a new view of teams management and collaborative network politics development.