Master degree in Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX Design)

Admission and Registration


The possibilities of access to the UI/UX Master degree are: Official university degree or Access through work experience


To apply for this position in the UI/UX Master, interested students must follow the admission process as detailed below.


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Admission Process

To apply for admission to the UI/UX Master, the student applicant must submit the following documents:

- Specific Master registration form.
- Curriculum vitae.
- Letter of motivation and orientation.
- Certificate of the most recent studies.

For work experience access, in addition to the documentation referred above, the student should send a web link to their online portfolio, in order to assess his professional career.

The documentation must be sent to the attention of the Admissions Department in the e-mail

Admission Period

The master has two periods of admission, the ordinary and the extraordinary. Students must submit their documentation preferably within the regular period.

This period begins in February and lasts until June 2016. Once completed, open the extraordinary period from July to October 3, 2016.

Vacancies for masters programs are limited and strictly by order of reservation, so it is best to start the admission process as early as possible.