Degree in Design
General Information about the Degree in Design


The official design studies of ESDi have a duration of 4 years. During the first two years, Design Degree studies will have a generalist and cross nature, with compulsory subjects and basic training.

Once finished the first two years, the student will choose, according to his or her preferences, among the different itineraries. These itineraries reach the application areas of design and creativity corresponding to Graphic, Fashion, Product, Interior, Audiovisual and Multidisciplinary Integration (Design Management).

In order to achieve the maximum efficiency and efficacy in the current framework of the designer skills, the syllabus is based on three knowledge areas: theoretical, instrumental and of projects:

• Theoretical subjects and humanities subjects which organise thinking, support and contextualise professional activity.
• Project subjects that enable the comprehension of knowledge and the learning of the professional activity.
• Instrumentsal subjects that facilitate the command of tools and suitable technological instruments.

Training is completed with the participation in workshops of projects in which external teachers act like tutors and, at the same time, an important number of outstanding design professionals collaborate in the teaching activities.



ESDi Higher School of Design has its own admissions system that expects to identify all the aspects of the candidate, at both academic and personal levels, which helps us to know and make a decision that we consider determinant in his or her future.

In ESDi we search for high-potential candidates from all around the world, future students with the qualities which, in our opinion, define a good designer, such as creativity, talent, analytical skill and setting synthesis, leadership ability and proactivity.

Young people who, in the near future, are capable of innovating, providing added value to enterprises, as well as leading complex projects and designer teams.