Degree in Design
General Information about the Degree in Design


Teaching method is based on interrelation between research, transfer of knowledge university- enterprise and learning. The aim is to help the student to put his or her knowledge into practice and to apply effectively his or her creativity in the professional context. Since the 3rd year students have the chance to settle in research and transfer of knowledge teams of the department units that are part of ESDi, carrying out projects of leading enterprises with their own funding and of Spanish and European research funds; and, also, collaborating closely with other University groups of the EU and the rest of the world.

A characteristic element of design studies taught at ESDi, in the same way as the use of English in some subjects and the mobility of teachers and students, is to carry out a mandatory internship period in the fourth year, which is performed simoultaneously with the Final Degree Project, which is defended infront of an academic court once the student have passed all the subjects of the degree.

Syllabus allows, additionally, internships abroad and specialisation through master’s degrees and postgraduate studies.