Degree in Design
Audiovisual Speciality


The design degree studies, Audiovisual itinerary, are focused on are focused on acquiring conceptual and practical skills for the design and creation of multimedia and audiovisual content management (web) or as a commercial pilot, always applying design methodology. The studies incorporate learning based on the basic understanding of audiovisual language (planning, lighting, sound, editing, graphic animation) also adapts to different narratives and formats according to the potential of new technologies and current applications: interactive products and installations, data visualization, navigation design, video creation, audiovisual capsules content online, etc.

These studies incorporate in turn the components concerning the narrative linked with the different work formats (videocreation, auteur documentary, installation, interactive work, on-line and off-line works), as well as the commercial circuit in which they operate.

Degree is obtained after getting through 240 credits distributed by 4 years with 60 credits each. 120 credits are common in the rest of the itineraries (Product, Fashion, Graphic, Interior and Multidisciplinary Integration), and the other 120 are specific of Audiovisual Design itinerary.