Degree in Design
General Information about the Degree in Design

Tutorial Action Plan


ESDi has a consistent Tutorial Action Plan positively supporting the teaching that takes place in the center. Considering the percentage of students from outside Catalonia who enroll in grade, teaching the first course taught in Spanish and students have the support of a mentor, always a teacher center, the woman support not only academic, but also more personal which helps their integration in ESDi, as a student and as a component of our organization. From the second year, and up to four, the student has an academic tutor to help you solve all the problems and questions that students may have.

As for the fourth year, there is also a program of tutors and advisers Final Project, which profiles are assigned according to the students and their subject PFG.

However there is a mentoring program to strengthen content, and the figure of Student Support circuit that manages the existing allegations, suggestions and complaints of students, in coordination with the Academic Director.