September 21, 2012
You’re still in time to do a Master, the necessary complement to enhance your career

Masters start from October and are open to college graduates and experienced professionals in communication, design, fine arts, protocol, styling or other related disciplines. There are: - MA in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication, which provides theoretical and practical knowledge that allows them to master the techniques and codes needed to enhance the image. - Master in Fashion Industry Management and Design, a multidisciplinary approach to the reality of modern business that is united in the creation, management, marketing, communication and technology, and innovation. Emphasizes the presence of more than 50% of teachers as part of the management of MANGO. - Official Master in New Media Art Curatorship, responding to the needs of updating knowledge and specific training of the agents involved in curating exhibitions, art theory, criticism and cultural management As a new year taught Masters in Innovation of Textile Industries, snipe places 100% of the candidates selected by the companies, where a large part of the training regime practices. This course will begin in November. For students enrolled, dates start as follows: - Master in Fashion Industry: October 1st at 19 pm. On Monday, Thursday and Friday, from 19 am to 22 pm. - Master of Arts in New Media Curator, October 2nd at 18:30 pm. On Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday from 18:30 to 21:30 pm. - MA in Counseling and Styling, October 3rd at 19 pm. It will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19 pm in the afternoon until 22 pm. Also beginning on October 1th specialization in the Graduate and styling trends, which is taught each day, Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 13:30 pm. However, ESDI also gives other masters such as International Master in Interactive Systems Design and Management graduate and technical equipment sports Gp-FI. On the other hand, is all set to begin on 25 September Night of the ESDI degree aimed at people over 25 years, from the design, to improve their knowledge or achieve the qualification, and other professionals who want to redirect their career to the world of design. Three days a week, from 19h to 22h. pm. If you need more information, please contact with ESDi by e-mail master@esdies or by phone 93 745 70 40.