April 03, 2013
Xavier Verdaguer: "Entrepreneurship is a good reason to be happy"

What is an entrepreneur? we determine that a person has an entrepreneurial spirit? According to Xavier Verdaguer, being an entrepreneur is as simple as having dreams and dare to make them come true. And, in fact, its definition is valid as us, who better than him to define a concept that knows perfectly? Xavier Verdaguer is entrepreneur, with all its syllables. At 25 he founded his first company and in the past 14 years has launched several entrepreneurial initiatives related to innovation and technology. His optimistic spirit has seeped into the ESDi Design School through the talk this week has taught. In the first part of his speech, he presented one of his projects: Imagine, a nonprofit initiative that aims to change the world and, incidentally, the vision they have of the those involved. A creative experience in a creativity center in San Francisco just to "Dreamers" who want to change the world. A concrete example of the famous verse of Martí i Pol "Everything is done and everything is possible" that results in the concentration of creative minds working together for a month in a unique creative environment: Silicon Valley. In the second part of the talk, however, Xavier Verdaguer wanted to convey to the audience the entrepreneurial spirit that defines, tiptoeing by highlighting its various projects and, above all, the essence of the brave who dare to carry implement their ideas. Dreamers who go a step further. Xavier Verdaguer highlighted eight basic reasons for undertaking highlighting above all the happiness that this provides: "Entrepreneurship is a good reason to be a little happier," he said, "it’s important to have personal and professional dreams and live your own adventure ". Regarding the vital moment in which we find ourselves, Xavier Verdaguer, is clear: "As much as we sell we are in the end of the world, we expect an exciting future." And wanted to emphasize that what we need is an entrepreneurial culture of the country and the ability to lose the fear of failure. "I screwed up once and this has been the best thing that ever happened to me professionally", he said. From the ingredients you want to take even one more stop: the concept of risk and the importance of fun in what we do. Soon you will see the entire conference online. For now, here’s a video that Xavier Verdaguer projected during the lecture and clearly outlining vital entrepreneurial philosophy: We are here to be happy.