Since may, 20th
We are looking for the best 20 designers of the Future in UI / UX Design ( Interface Design and User Experience )

To provide opportunities for students to become future designers in UI / UX Design, ESDi Design School - with the support of Indicis Foundation - select the 20 best students to offer a grant of 50 % discount in the registration for the UI / UX Design studies by ESDI (course 2014- 2015).

"UI / UX Design", Interface Design and User Experience aims to train professionals with technological and sociological knowledge , develop the creation of the interface and functionality of the communication devices to that are easy to use, intuitive , attractive and accessible to all, as well as , and containing easily understood. These new studies will allow a comprehensive training in the UI/UX: the future profession.

They could design Apps, Gaming, development and management of social networking and Smart Products, and others.

Those interested need to send your notes and a letter of recommendation from your tutor by e- mail