January 29, 2013
We are going to know the artist collective "Green Beautiful Things" formed by three students of ESDi

What is looking for the "Green Beautiful Things" project? Beautiful Green Things is a collective of artists and designers nonprofit that responds to planned obsolescence and mass consumerism. It aims to promote the recycling and reuse of waste and unused objects. How did the initiative come? The initiative come in response to a project presented in the course of Projects II, where we proposed the parasite challenge something in the city of Barcelona to give it a new use. Based on this requirement, we decided to focus on the ugliness that we see daily on the streets of the city, and who customarily overlooked. We realized that we are surrounded by objects useless and we could have a second chance through environmentalism and recycling. And from there comes the movement "verding". How do you define it? In our manifesto we define Verding as an artistic and social movement that acts artifacts transforming abandoned in the streets of Barcelona in urban planters recycled, thus providing more green spots in the city. How do you work? We start initially a series of questions that were served as a thread throughout the project: That is what is needed in Barcelona? We miss as citizens? What can we do about it? After brainstorming saw that what enyoràvem were green spaces in the city center. Relating parasite design with environmentalism and recycling, the idea of ​​creating urban planters from recycled objects. Thus we created a green dot while we gave a second chance to discarded objects, solving two problems in one intervention. Double solution ... Since then, every time an object localitzàvem abandoned or unused by the streets, we automatically think of how to transform it. We act proactively, ie after locating the object, we took him and put us to work modifying it until the final product. Once finished, place it in a strategic place where we believe that we need a green dot so people can enjoy it as much as us. Tell us an example. Our project more identification and have enjoyed the most so far has been the bike verding we place in the Plaça Espanya. The action was to place a bicycle converted into urban gardener in a strategic point of the city, to elicit and document the reactions of observers. Now you have a sample exhibition of his works in ESDi. What can we see? You will find a small sample of what our group can do. You see everything a computer from the early 90’s, consisting of a computer screen, a keyboard, a printer and converted into zen garden speakers. You’ll also find two small actions with abandoned shoes found in containers Barcelona and our manifesto and three explanatory panels. It must be said that all the material used in our exhibition, from the tablecloths in the panels is 100% recycled. What do you want to convey your project? What we want is to send a social message of peace and totally artistic activism nonprofit, to show that a small change can make a significant difference in an environment steeped in capitalism and waste. You have the feeling that environmentalism is fashionable or are there more environmentally conscious than years before? We believe that if environmentalism is really fashionable, it’s a positive fashion. In any case, what we do not want it to be a fad, and that requires awareness of change in the system of sale and production if our intention is last in time. How can you work with your project? Everyone is invited to join us in our actions, whether working actively, ie getting their hands dirty with us, or passively, by sending ideas and possible locations of green dots in the city of Barcelona. We would also appreciate people wanting to collaborate by providing landscaping materials, plants and seeds. Where can I locate you ? You can contact us directly through the Facebook page or our email ( And now what is working? For those who want to see us in hand, you’re welcome to be added to our Facebook page, but we anticipate that more than one proposal in mind!