October 04, 2012
Videos of ESDi to "Som Agenda 21 Escolar!" are presented in Vapor Badia

On 17 October we will present the results of the campaign audiovisual "We are School Agenda 21!" prepared by the ESDi’s Audiovisual and Graphic Unit, under the collaboration agreement with the city of Sabadell. These three capsules audiovisual publicity about 10-15 minutes each, on the draft School Agenda 21, "Water and Power", "The school garden" and "Waste Management". The project was conducted under the supervision of Professor Mireia Feliu, and was produced by herself, Reuben Castejón, Fran Pinel, and Cecilia Górriz, and involved the collaboration of students and residents in Audiovisual Design Departmentand, Marc Calvet and Pol Mas. Curiosity, discovery, cooperation, respect and enthusiasm of capsules and entrust arise when the true protagonists of Agenda 21 project schools, children and teachers from the schools in Sabadell, explain their experiences and show: planting beans, harvest carrots, paper mill, features "Officer Green" energy saving, creating compost, ... and all the different aspects and issues sustainability that have worked in the school. The capsules will be presented on 17 October at 18pm in the Vapor Badia Library of Sabadell, in an event organized by the office of the Department of Sustainability and Ecosystem Management of the council. This event can be screened capsule "Water and Power" and will be attended, among others, the General Manager of FUNDIT (Foundation for ESDI), Antoni Garrell, teacher of ESDI and producers capsules Mireia Feliu, Ruben Castejón, Fran Pinel, and various representatives of the city of Sabadell, as Councilman Sustainability and Ecosystem Management and the Councillor for Education, and a small number teachers and students who have been part of Agenda 21. On the other hand, it will be another act like "premiere" all the people who participated in the video filmed as students and teachers, to be held in November (date and location to be determined).