November 10, 2011
Vaya semana en ESDi ... jornadas, premios y nuevos proyectos

There’s more to Thursday, 9 November evening was Festival of Design at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, ​​an evening organized by the community of design schools in the city. Today Friday ESDi students are invited to participate in the workshop Risidus organized by professors ESDi Product Unit at the Palau Robert in Barcelona from 10 to 14 h Next Monday opened the skylight of the school the Touchville Exhibition. The results show Touchproject the project, which has been to explore the possibilities tactile and visual art and design. It is a European project undertaken by the Unit Product ESDi with the help of Danish and Bulgarian institutions. Remember that the solidarity campaign to support the education of children in Haiti remains open until next December 5th. Contributing is as easy as going to study in the library of the ESDI. Video ESDi promotional campaign. Next Thursday at 15 in the Auditorium of the school come and listen to multimedia artist Carola Cintrón. She specializes in video and sound installations and interactive. By the way, 17 and 18 November will be held in Barcelona 2011. In his seventh year at the festival there will be an important dish in which the participating school teacher Eduard Puertas. The tête a tête five companies engaged in the relevant country. Doors, co-director of the production cytoplasm, give a brief presentation of Kinetic Armaturen. For more information: Day Weaving the future: new materials, new applications. Agreement with Mola TV agreement with the city of Sabadell