January 10, 2013
URL rector: "ESDi has made a quantum leap to go from one university degree in design to a degree, and in its commitment to research"

Dr. Josep Maria Garrell visited different units Teaching and Knowledge Development Center: the Analysis and Forecasting of Design, Trends and Innovation Unit, the Product and usability of spaces and multimedia communication and interactivity. He became interested in the different projects and knowledge transfer systems, as well as projects developed by each unit, such as the development process color trends by ESDi Color_LAB. The Rector of the Ramon Llull University , Dr. Josep Maria Garrell, was very committed to the new role that the universities should be in the current economic context and made an analysis of the business environment and vision in relation to the investigation. During his visit to the School of Design ESDi explained that prioritize three basic areas: internationalization, institutional collaboration and Rercerca, and took the opportunity to discuss, with the heads of both issues central to teaching and research and transfer knowledge. The rector was particularly interested in the explanation of Dr. Gloria Fernandez in relation to University Department and its research, a key point to consider in the university advancement. He noted that, in a difficult time, you have to do is "stay competitive with quality, based on research and the search for excellence."