19th march 2014
Two schools of Amsterdam and Denmark visited the facilities of ESDi

Taking the chance of the journey that they have made this week students in Barcelona, two schools from Amsterdam and Denmark, have approached the facilities ESDI,  in Campus de Sabadell, in order to create synergies and know in firsthand what you can study at ESDi.

Specifically, on March 18, Amsterdan Fashion Institute of the Netherlands (AMFI) visited us, which is currently the largest institute in the Netherlands, where more than 100 teachers to teach more than 1,100 students on all aspects the world of fashion. The teacher from the Fashion and Trends Unit, Marina Castán, was commissioned to show them the school and inform them about the work carried out by the ESDI.


Moreover, on March 19, the professor of Communication Multimedia and Interactivity Unit Mireia Feliu, was in charge of the visit of the Danish Institute specializes in trade Herningsholm Gymnasium , located in the town of Ikast (Herning , Jutland), where students learn innovation, production and sales, marketing, design, English, history, Spanish, German. And it is a school where students end up working for companies that export and import to other countries, and therefore enriches the professional know-how and know the ways of working that has a country other than their own.