August, 30th
Two Final Degree Projects in Audiovisual Design will be present in the sample projects Innovative Technologies Festival of Sabadell

Alumni projects by Alejandro Palomes and Ariadna Martinez and Katerina Garcia, will be present, on 3 September in the Saba-TIC Sabadell conference organized under the local festival. This is a workshop / sample innovative tools of technological and digital world that is meant to encompass technology, innovation and creativity.

ESDi will be present with the draft by Alejandro Palomes, an interactive short film implemented by RV with Oculus Rift, virtual reality device. Through Oculus, the spectator stands as the protagonist of the plot and has a 360 degree view of the scene, where you can interact at certain points to take the story in different ways. There will also be representing ESDi Design School with the draft Ariadna Martinez and Katerina Garcia, an application augmented reality overlaying digital content on the physical pages of a book. Specifically deals with the reinterpretation of the sketchbook of an artist. The application allows you to read the drawings and create animations that overlap the page, expanding the meaning of static drawing.