June 8th 2015
Trends unit and color ESDi School of Design presents its proposals for spring / summer 2017

Color Trend for Spring / Summer 2017 made by ESDiColor_LAB was presented at the biennial Congress Intercolor, held on 27, 28 and May 29 in Saint Gallem, Switzerland, with the participation of representatives of the 16 countries that are part of the organization.

Miguel Gonzalez, fashion designer and professor of ESDi member, was responsible for introducing "Locus Amoenus" ESDiColor_LAB proposal. Intercolor conceptually highly acclaimed in the chart it was inspired by sustainability data standards and that our country is far from achieving, as organizations such as the Centre for Sustainability. This phenomenon has been set as one of the most important factors as regards social trends that affect our country politically, economically and culturally.

Thus, for the development of the trend, ESDiColor_LAB team (consisting of Encarna Ruiz, Cristina Real and Miguel Gonzalez) has made a conceptual proposal based on the challenge of promoting environmental policies.

Trend called Locus Amoenus, "idyllic". From this general concept, four cards of colors that are named as follows appear:

1. Evolvere (development). The need to maintain the essence is evoked, tradition, find the ancestral identity, again reinventing the local. In this chart, they highlight the colors very engamados including predominantly soft green and light brown. Fuchsia tone breaks the monotony and traditionalism feeling posed by letter, to provide a fresh and dynamic touch which is a metaphor for the social initiative that raises the trend.


2. Assess (Rate): The local development involves evaluating the most vulnerable areas of our land and recover and preserve the species that grow in it. This chart includes dark colors, including browns and greens, as a synonym for our forests predominate. This chromatic darkness leads to recreate a romantic atmosphere, where nature is reflected as something sublime.


3. Edatur (Produce): environmental protection but can not modify our behavior towards him. Prepare a return to the trade professions in the rural world and craft processes would be a form of sustainable local policies take shape design. This letter is created from colors reminiscent of earth, iron as raw material, which ranks as an evocation of the traditional professions. They gray and reddish in color speech that refers to the Spanish rural tones come together.



4. (Re) facite: (Re-make): Recycling is one of the most interesting environmental factors and should be enhanced to generate less waste and reusing materials. This letter has focused on soft and little saturated tones that are mixed together by its high level of brightness. Only in this range highlights a darker note, blue night, that breaks the dynamics of the letter.