October 16, 2012
Today We celebrate our 23 birthday

The School of Design ESDi do 23 years ago that works by training future designers following a creative process of analysis, effort and talent. And it does through various careers: graphic, fashion, product, interior, audiovisual and multidisciplinary integration. Our studies, which include nightlife studies and masters, seeking to train future creative thinkers and eager to rethink the world. We teach them to think and rethink, to find the identity of each in what feels most comfortable. And we are good for what we teach, but we’re better for what our graduates teach the world. Since 1989 the center’s philosophy focuses on learning of curriculum content, but also in developing job skills. School and companies have wanted to go hand in hand. The school works closely with the companies preparing students for employment: with the participation of companies in academic activities and a powerful network of international relations. Today we take these 23 years of history to congratulate to our team for a job well done, but most of all, take the opportunity to congratulate all our students promotions. you are who you help us with your talent and creativity. ESDi wishes to express that it want to continue working and observing the world, questioning and rethinking provisions. The design is everywhere and the service of all. But the future of this is in the hands of a few: the brave who dare to rethink it.