From 6 to 14 June
Three ESDi students present their project "Àger" in Barcelona Design Museum in the framework of the EDIVI social design project

The ESDi students Laura Fornalés, Mireia Girvent and Claudia Pla will exhibit their project "Àger" from June 6 to 14 at the Design Museum in Barcelona, along with other projects of students from other design centers in Barcelona.

It is a sample of projects of the centers that form part of EDIVI (Education for design for living) around the social design that seeks the transformation of society taking into account social innovation and sustainability.

Apart from exposing the projects, on Tuesday 13 June there will be a presentation of these. A debate between students and public.




The Àger project of ESDi participants are postcards that translate the values ​​of a town into images. The designers lived among their inhabitants and, mixing anthropology and sustainable local development, proposed a product that is aimed at visitors and recipients of postcards.