December 19, 2012
There are winners of solar cookers, and graphical campaign indicis Foundation

The team winner of solar cookers was formed by Silvia Arch, Edgar Melero, Miguel Siquier and Miquel Vallribera all third graders Design ESDi product. Its cuisine proposal reached 77 º C, and consisted of a large box painted black, covered with glass and four acted reflective tabs. Furthermore, the cooking could be transported from one place to another via a support system made with legs with wheels. Moreover, the winning print campaign in favor of energy saving was the proposal "generation change" students Maria Armengol, Georgina Capdevila, Humbert Clotet, Alain Jaimez and Julia Jorba, the third year of Design, in this case of proprietary product and multidisciplinary. The video have microinterviewers that open a debate about the future of design, eco-design, sustainability and responsibility and capacity for change they have in their hands. The work was completed with a series of panels depicting their work process and a custom touch. The awards, valued at 100 euros for each winning project was delivered on 30 November, a week after the conference "L’energia e(n)s transforma", where different projects were presented.