Featured news roundup: 9-15 September
The URL publishes the booklet "Ramon Llull friend and beloved book" to bring his figure among students


The URL publishes the booklet "Ramon Llull friend and beloved book" to bring his figure among students
This year 2016 celebrates the Year Llull, coinciding with the 700th anniversary of the death of Ramon Llull, patron of the University, which is affiliated center ESDi. Alongside the 25th anniversary of the URL is also commemorated.
Taking advantage of these ephemeris, the URL has published the pamphlet "Ramon Llull friend and beloved book", a publication promoted by the Ramon Llull Institute with texts chosen by the philologist and professor Albert Soler, of the University of Barcelona.
The Institut Ramon Llull has given bibliographic material in the URL for a free edition to spread it, along with the folder of the university, among its students with the aim of bringing the figure of Ramon Llull




Fireplace ESDi and sign an agreement university-business

On Friday September 9 Dra. Gloria Fernandez, director of ESDi and Joaquim Packard, of Fireplace Project signed a collaboration agreement University-Enterprise, which will aim to "design common and multifunctional spaces of the headquarters of collective Fireplace" located in the Poble Nou in Barcelona. The project will be developed in the framework of the subject "Project II", 3rd course itinerary Grade Interior Design.

Fireplace Project is a cultural association linked to the promotion of visual arts and contemporary cultural production in Barcelona. The Fireplace association emphasizes the importance of cultural production, more particularly artistic, propelling the exchange of ideas and critical thinking, and also on the need to generate fruitful links between professionals local cultural projects, national and international.
The teaching project focuses on rethinking the collective shared spaces depending on the activities that take place in them and depending on future activities that want to start. These spaces represent a co-working space, a space for exhibitions and presentations, a future space for resident artists and common spaces of kitchen and bathroom.




Success of the conference "Generating meaning through logic hardware / software" organized by the Master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi

The CCCB of Barcelona hosted the Wednesday 14 September at 18’30h a symposium on issues of technological art production coordinated by the Master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi.

The debate, with the participation of Dr. Ivan Marino and Dr. Marcelo Dematei artists addressed certain problems associated with the production of technological art, with examples of their own work. About sixty people attended the talk, filling the Espai Beta CCCB and ended with a discussion between the artists and the audience.