January 14, 2013
The ESDi collaborator teacher Ivan Marino will exhibit at the Arts Forum in Seoul and Beijing Cervantes Institute

Representing to ESDi Design School to Seoul Forum and the Cervantes Institute in Beijing. The ESDi teacher collaborator Ivan Marino  has been invited to exhibit his artwork as part of an anthology of Spanish video art curated by Menen Gras and produced by Casa Asia, the Cervantes Institute in Beijing and the hamaca producer.

Works by 25 artists of international renown as Antonio Muntadas , Albert Merino, Carlos Ruiz de Infante War and, among others are included in the program. Iván Marino intervene in session What words serve ? To be held on Tuesday, January 14th at 7 pm.

Professor Ivan Marino is also exhibiting his works at the Alternative Film/Video Festival in Belgrade and the 18th International Festival of Contemporary Art San Pablo Videobrasils .

Ivan Marino is Professor of Systems Projects I and II Author in the Official University Degree in Design Media itinerary and teaches also in the Master in Interactive Systems Design , Master in Digital Arts and Master of Arts and Curator new Media MECAD driven by ESDI .