July 23th 2013
The swimmers and ESDi students Ona Carbonell and Paula Klamburg already have 3 medals at the World championship in the modalities technical solo and technical duet with Marga Crespí

The swimmers and ESDi students  Ona Carbonell and Paula Klamburg, already have 3 medals at the Swimming World Championship Barcelona 2013 in the categories technical solo, technical duo and technical team.

The swimmer Ona Carbonell won this Saturday the bronze medal in the techincal solo modality of the Swimming World Championship Barcelona 2013 wearing a swimsuit inspired by a violin designed by ESDi as part of a project that promoted by herself. With a final score of 94,400 and thereby improving the preliminary exercise in the morning, Ona Carbonell was placed third on the podium after completing a great performance that has been applauded by the attendees at the Palau Sant Jordi.

As for the technical duet modality, Ona Carbonell and Marga Crespí have hung a bronze medal, after an excellent routine under flamenco rhythm with a score of 93,800.

And in the technical team routine with the Tamacum (Spanish guitar song by Rodrigo y Gabriela) rhythm the synchronized national team, in which Paula and Ona have participated, scored 94,400 points standing in second position and getting the first silver medal. The team rocked back to Palau Sant Jordi with a performance full of energy but also of technical requirements.Thus, the national synchronized swimming team added three medals from the seven they want to achieve.



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