9th april 2014
The students Georgina Capdevila and Humbert Clotet have created a crowdfunding in order to launch the project Fiu Barcelona

Two students from ESDi, who created the project ÉSDissabte, now had create Fiu Barcelona, a project wich is an event that aims to propel  creative projects from new generations of designers of the country. From the dialogue , sharing experiences , establishing new partnerships and innovate in content and formats that allow fifty -fifty between knowledge and a relaxed atmosphere.

This is a project driven by the core of the old era of ÉSDissabte formed by Georgina Capdevila and Humbert Clotet, and named FIU Barcelona, a project that eliminates the barriers that young people encounter when exposing their work.

"We need a space, a communication or a production that can effectively meet this goal and thus a quality environment is created to expose and share proposals and concerns of young creatives who support " say Capdevila and Clotet . And to carry out these two young entrepreneurs have made a crowdfunding campaign to make your dream a reality. It will be in the DHUB auditorium.

In this campaign the two students, presented by 10 ’ FIUERS ’,- young people between 18 and 25 years with great talent , who will share concerns, thoughts and creative environment ratings for the conference by 10 minutes express . And they invited two ’ PRO - FIUERS ’ - established professionals in the creative sector of Barcelona to present their views as experts to the young student audience.




A little more information about the project components


Humbert and Georgina


After four years in design management and forming us combining the knowledge acquired in class with additional projects - schools , we have found our true passion : the management and organization of events.


tabula Rasa


Graphic design studio with little more than a year of experience formed by Adrià Lapiedra , Roger Varela, Kevin Sabariego with Marc and Adrià Castellvà Piferrer . His wit and originality will be reflected throughout the graphic communications FIU Barcelona.




A young man studio created by Joan Divine and Daniel Planas. His coneixamets stop motion , footage , motion graphics, and many other techniques of audiovisual world, responsible design the credits FIU Barcelona.


Sasha and Dela


Two graphic designers currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree in digital editing applications, will design and publish the official app of FIU Barcelona : an interactive magazine for iOS, where any interested party may discover the experience of the event FIU .

Gil Rock


Architecture student at UPC , is responsible for providing adequate space design activities to be undertaken during the day of the event .

Raul Cudinachs


Expert in the pop music landscape of our country, create the Playlist : " FIU IN THE MIX" . A proposal to seek FIU Barcelona promote the creativity of young musicians, from a list of ten songs created by local groups and unprofessional way.

Enrique Rubio


Student at UVIC advertising , will take the role of community manager FIU tickets Barcelona : Sharing will handle all promotional and informative information through social networks newsletter and promotional activities.