November 18 2015
The student Mercè Cassanyes brand new graphic identity of the Museums of Sabadell

In a ceremony held on Tuesday November 17 in the auditorium of the School of Design ESDi became public the winning proposal for the proposed redesign of the identity of the museums, who attended the Mr. Joan Comasòlivas, director of the Historical Archive of Sabadell and Sabadell History Museum, and Ms. Engràcia Torrella, Director of Sabadell Art Museum.



The project of the student Mercè Cassanyes 4th Graphic ESDi was chosen among all those presented in the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Department of Culture of the City and the School of Sabadell of Design ESDi during the past academic year 2014-2015.

The premises of this proposal are based, as noted Comasòlivas of "the need for unified visual identity of these institutions, creating a visual link between them, but at the same time promoting the specific features of each of these spaces. " For managers, the proposal Merce Cassanyes stands out for its ability to synthesize and good solution visual elements involved in the design, both aesthetically and conceptually. They also emphasized the brilliant presentation of the student at the time the works were exposed, and their ability to convey the idea after the project. Cassanyes, for his part, wanted to "thank the opportunity to work on a real project."



The project was supervised by the council by Ms. Maria Vilasó responsible level of culture and Silvia Ortiz, head of the department of image, as well as the directors of both museums. By ESDi students involved were third-year graphic design, currently studying room, tutored by Professor Lalo Quintana.

Also, given the high quality of work, both parties took the decision to carry out an exhibition that will take place during the month of March 2016 at the Museum of Art, which will show all the proposals raised by students as well as the winning proposal, which will be the official ID of museums for any type of communication.
This exhibition will also be developed in collaboration between museums and ESDi through a group of students supervised by Dr. Maia Creus coming months, which will take charge of planning the content and curated the exhibition