January 25 2016
The student Gerard Arderius is the author of the graphic image of Congress Acoustics

The 28th and 29th of April celebrates, the first Catalan Congress for the reduction of noise pollution in urban areas, organized by the city of Sabadell, Diputació de Barcelona and the Government of Catalonia and will take place at the Fira de Sabadell.

Students of the School of Design ESDI, within the framework of the cooperation agreement with the city of Sabadell, participated in the creation of the graphic image of the subject in the Grade II Projects coordinated by Design Professor Oriol Ocaña. Among the requirements established the challenge of creating the graphic image of the Congress from its lines manage noise mainstreaming and event-oriented reflection and debate.

The winning proposal was to Gerard Arderius, based on the question: "How can graphically represent and express the acoustics".

The result is based on the fusion of two complementary elements between them; waves (vibrations invisible) and the characters that form the word "", ie typography (graphic transcription of a sound). From waves generated a whole new graphic language for the event.

Congratulations Gerard!