March 1 2016
The student ESDi Judith Moreno designs the swing that will be replicated in the XXIV Contest of St. Joseph

"Swing," of student of 2nd year of the Degree in Product Design of ESDi, Judit Moreno is the winning design of wood swing that will be played in the XXIV Carpentry and Joinery Contest organized by the Association of Wood of Sabadell and Industrial College which will take place on 18 March.

The project, supervised by professor Marc Puigbó is the result of a collaboration agreement with the Association of Wood and Industrial College, and consisted in the design of a swing, suitable to be hung from a tree or beam in the case, and it will be made with wood from fallen trees in the forest of Can Déu (Sabadell) during wind of 9 December 2014 and has been ceded by the company Serradora Boix SL, who is doing forest clearing space.

The event was attended by the Councillor for Education and Sustainability of the City of Sabadell, Mr. Joan Berlanga; President of the Association of Wood, Mr. Carles Montesinos; Mrs. Iolanda Domenjó of Serradora Boix SL and Director of ESDi Dr. Gloria Fernandez, as well as teacher and tutor of the project ESDi Mr. Professor Marc Puigbó and Industrial College, Mr. Joan Colet.