October 09, 2011
The SMEs to debate at the Gremi de Fabricants de Sabadell

The conference was titled "Big and small businesses. The role of SMEs in a global economy" and was the 2nd session of the series "The industry, assurance of progress" organized by the Manufacturers Association of Sabadell to establish a laboratory of ideas, a space for reflection, for the start of the crisis and improving the economy and the Valles Catalonia. The event was attended by a large representation of the School of Design ESDI, teachers and members of ESDI Company, teams of graduates, entrepreneurs, who receive support from the school. Among the questions that were put on the table, the need for governments legislate primarily for SMEs, since these constitute the bulk of the production in Catalonia and, secondly, to do big business. Many of the attendees agreed to note that political parties do not do enough efforts to promote small businesses in Catalonia, although the media often show their good intentions. Affairs, former Minister for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Generalitat of Catalonia, said that during his tenure was with great mistrust between the University and Business sectors in relation to the need to create links transfer knowledge and improvement of data and Innovation Research in Catalonia. According to Huguet, there are still challenges to meet all 17 of the National Pact for Research and Innovation in Catalonia. Professor Agustí Segarra Catalonia was considered a vital and attractive environment for business and highlighted their capabilities for growth, industry with 16% is the main sector of the economy, which he contrasted with weaker economies. In his presentation Segarra called the characteristics of today’s economy: the business is heterogeneous, the economy is dynamic and there is always a history of cyclical ups and downs. He said that in times of prosperity is obviously more difficult the creation and survival of small businesses and a perseverance that was needed to start getting benefits clearly. In this regard, said that there are companies that can grow very quickly and then get bogged down and not create more jobs. Both Agustí Segarra as some of the personalities who attended the event and sat in front row, including the president of the association of small and medium enterprises FEPIME, Eusebi Cima, and representatives of the employers in the textile TEXFOR, stressed the need for cooperation between stakeholders to overcome the crisis and lamented the barriers to growth (institutional factors, financial, competition, etc..) for small and medium enterprises. This line showed why R & D to create a company that should seek alliances, as it is impossible to achieve alone.