November 09, 2012
The School of Design ESDi renewed its partnership agreement with the company Pinesga

"This is typical of how the talent that we encourage and grow in universities reaches companies" explained Antoni Garrell, Director of the Foundation for ESDi, the importance of the renewal of the cooperation agreement between the School Pinesga company Bussiness Group SL. This is the second project that both develop together and, therefore, "it means we’re doing something good", said Antoni Garrell in the act of signing the agreement. In fact, the Director General of Pinesga, Xavier Pinosa, wanted to note that the first project was a success and explained that "one of the designs that are held will be released soon in a real product from a known brand". Pinesga is a company located in Sabadell born in 2006 and it is dedicated to the manufacture of high value-added materials for the food industry In this second project, developed in collaboration both companies, and will be done during the academic year 2012-2013, the research work in designing corporate image Pinesga visual level, to present the company, and also, of its activity in the packaging industry. The project will be coordinated by the Department of Media and Graphic Design at the School of Design students will ESDi and specialties Audiovisual and Graphic Design. The project will occur in two phases. The first phase analyzes the main characteristics and values ​​Pinesga, in order to translate them into an audiovisual format. We will analyze different audiovisual communication strategies and their technical capabilities and reinforced by the use of audiovisual media, the brand image. The second phase includes the development of proposals according to feedback from the company.