November 26, 2012
The School of Design ESDi held an international meeting

Turku University Student Center of Finland and the Kea University of Copenhagen visited The School of Design Esdi. For this occasion, the center developed a set of activities that allow students of all universities to share and exchange experiences about design. The events began on Monday, at 10 am, with an international breakfast in the Hall School, in Sabadell. Then, at 11, there was be a video Carroussel where universities ESDi visitors and present a sample of their audiovisual works. At 3 pm there was a meeting between the students of the Finnish University of Turku and teachers ESDi, Tito and Ivan Merino Favaro. The purpose of the meeting was open to all students in the center, is presented to the students and visiting professors of applied research projects that are being developed in our center. To round off the day, and already in a more playful side, those who want to participate in the meeting held at 8 pm, the Ovella negra bar in Barcelona (Sitges street). Finally, on Wednesday, November 28, at 3 pm there was a masterclass in the main auditorium of ESDi. Title: Design from Finland. It will be given by the teacher Ulla Sëppalä