November 28, 2012
The School of Design ESDi has received recognition for group recerca Ramon Llull University, which is inscribed center.

The research group was created with the name of TADD, Theory, Analysis and Development of Design and consists of a total of 7 doctors and 10 university holders, plus eight research fellows. All teachers at the School of Design ESDi. The group’s principal investigator is Dr. Gloria Fernandez, Doctor in Art History at the UAB and with significant experience in the field of research. The TADD Research Group, Theory, Analysis and Design Development, aims to establish a short-term framework for the study and design research, and to discuss and experience around this issue, taking into account social demands and research in this area. The Group’s research line ESDi research, innovation and social progress by design, is in line with 4 of the 5 foci areas Ramón Llull University The Research Group is a multi-professional meeting space ESDi, which will, in the medium term future, develop a doctoral program in innovation, creativity and design within the University Ramon Llull and therefore be a generator of doctoral thesis in the field above. Thus, the research group will increase its contact with academic institutions, researchers and teachers who can raise common interests. It will also integrate the space where the research capacity of new graduates in design with experience and demonstrated ability of existing doctors who make up the current Research Group.