November 4 2016
The School of Design ESDi adheres to the platform discounts Esmasshopping

The School of Design ESDI has joined the initiative Esmasshopping an application born from the hands of a group of entrepreneurs and consumers Sabadell related businesses to offer discounts on purchases or services .

And it was a member of the community ESDi also has advantages. All students, graduates, faculty and staff who are registered in this innovative and practical tool for saving as a member of the community will enjoy discounts to ESDi related establishments. Just search for a product or service, through geolocation, on a single screen see a map with all shops participating in the program and where the user can save the most.



Another advantage of being part of the group ESDi is using the app, you can collaborate on charity projects both in your environment and the world. For example, a student of ESDi you want to buy a toolkit that is worth €100 and has a 10% discount, you can choose and apply the savings to pay €90 or €100 paid and allocate 10 remaining in an organization or a social project.

Today, there are 200 registered businesses of all kinds in Sabadell, such as clothes, food, hairdressers, shoes, books, administrative managers, dental centers... All shops have a sticker attached to Esmasshoping identification at the entrance.


This tool is now available for Android, but Apple will not begin to run until the end of the year. Sabadell is a pioneer in its application and is expected to face 2017 can be used in 46 Spanish cities.
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