20th February 2014
The reflection on the challenges of work and tools address them at the last session of the 3rd International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia (CIDIC) that ESDI organizes

In the last session of CIDIC, the Director of the Foundation for ESDI (FUNDIT), Antoni Garrell, accompanied by the director of the ESDI the Dra. Glòria Fernandez made an appreciation to all attendees as well as the speakers and all the staff who participated in the organization of the third edition of this massive event.



Prior to the start of the latest round of talks, Antoni Garrell, said that everyone is "doomed " to lifelong learning and self-learning. "We hear noises , attending conferences, listening, reading ..." said Garrell , is that as Steve Jobs said "the future is written with mild background sounds, once converted tsunami are not an opportunity." In the same vein, said that "no good pioneered ideas if you do not know how to do them, to society ,"and is therefore key "learn to sell oneself , we must demonstrate that we are not we can draw the future knowing that we are artists", he said.


The Director General of the Foundation for ESDI (FUNDIT) ended his reflections giving rise to the first presentation : "Status and challenges in today ’s workplace ," the engineer Catalan and Managing Partner of Human Resources Joaquim Català whom he described as "one of the people who have more knowledge about the future”.



Catalan said some magic recipe ingredients to face the world of work today, "excited , effort, vision, positive attitude and willingness to be optimistic." Joaquim Català stressed the idea of "living permanently with the possibility of change, and that the present generation will not be as above, where there was a job for life , but people change office 15 times". He added that "the changes caused by technology validate that a company may now be pioneering here two years may disappear".


After a brief pause, Judith Català, a psychologist specializing in Human Resources, to present a workshop on "Management of career change." Judith Catalan explained the process of recruitment and said "now these procedures are very long previous years, as a new addition to a company is a new expense that not all companies can cover." Judith Català stressed the importance of being active on social networks like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and took the opportunity to explain how they should be resume. Finally, the psychologist specializing in Human Resources, has some visual related recruitment of a company and interacted with the audience, exchanging views and giving advice about personal experiences.


Dr. Gloria Fernandez, Director of the ESDI has finished the third CIDIC end in a short speech in which he also wanted to share with the audience his experience in the labor market and encouraged attendees to use more "the tools provided ESDI" focused on the employability of students .