September 28, 2015
The psychologist Pep Marí and presentation of projects graduates opens the academic year at ESDi

"The talent that you do not expire," said the psychologist Pep Marí in the inaugural year of 2015-2016 in ESDi. Marino, head of the department of sports psychology at the High Performance Sports Centre in Sant Cugat, the CAR is used to working with elite athletes and applies the method used in all sectors. According to psychologist method to end up being the best in your activity follows the steps of a pyramid. At the end of the base: Power to learn, wanting to learn, learn to know and demonstrate what they have learned.



In an hour-long lecture, the psychologist, enumerated the keys of his book "Learning from them campeonos" under the watchful eyes of students first today began his adventure in ESDi. The speaker spoke about attitude, motivation and balance, concepts that appear in his book.




Then his lecture ESDi graduates were taken over by, with 5 minutes each, exposing some of their projects and / or nails of his career. The graduate Marta Marsà (Fashion) explained its draft final project that focuses on a collection of sportswear; Meritxell Charles (Chart) presented his project focused on a publication focusing on people with disabilities. The interior designer Marta Raventos has submitted his career since leaving ESDi until today; Graduates Roc Miranda (Product) has exhibited his PFG, a re-invention of the shovel removing snow in case of avalanche; The tandem formed by Cuyàs Julia and Paul Carr, the study explained his delusions entrepreneur who launched the project together since he finished his studies in ESDi and Albert Sanjuan (audiovisual) has closed the round presenting their project

The event started at 11.00, after the presentations in the auditorium of course, has been a good way to start the academic year.