February 4 2016
The professor of ESDi Mireia Feliu receives honors from the University of Barcelona for her doctoral thesis

On Thursday February 11 at 12 pm in the Auditorium of the University of Barcelona, ​​will be held the ceremony of diplomas Honors Doctorate and Master courses 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Each year, the Doctoral Committee of each faculty of the University of Barcelona brings together the theses that have received Cum Laude, and made choice to be proposed at the Extraordinary Prize. The extraordinary doctoral awards are then decided by the Governing Council of the University of Barcelona.

This year the prize awarded professor and Head of the Unit for Implementation of Knowledge Visual Communication ESDi, Dr. Mireia Feliu, after obtaining the distinction Cum Laude for her thesis.

"In-quiet. Contemporary nomadism" is an artistic project that investigates and theoretical research in contemporary nomadic mobility. The project is developed on the one hand, from the creation of a series of five works of different format but based mainly videographic: video, sound work, installation, etc. Secondly, from a theoretical and research around the concept of relational nomadism itinerant traditional practices still present in force, in Western critical theory and contemporary art.
You can see the thesis the following link:

Mireia Feliu Fabra
is multimedia artist, Doctor Cum Laude in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and Master in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She was previously Assistant Professor at Pace University (New York), a member of the Evaluation Committee Scholarship Foundation "la Caixa" for Graduate Studies in Europe and the United States (2014 call) and is currently Head of the Unit of Implementation knowledge in Visual Communication at ESDi.
As an artist, she has received awards and prestigious Fellowship to displacement of Artists of the Institut Ramon Llull (2011), winner Spaces (Girona, 2006), New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (2005), International Location One Residency (New York, 2005), IV Concurso de Arte Gobierno de Cantabria (2005), SVA Alumni Society Award (New York, 2004), Eyebeam Internship (New York, 2004), Diapason Gallery Residency (New York, 2003), scholarship Foundation "la Caixa" (2001) Internship Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice, 1999).
Her work has been exhibited in centers like the CCCB (highlighting their participation in the research project Post-it City Occasional Cities, coordinated by Dr. Martí Peran) and samples of collective international Festival Big Screen Project New York (2011) or Region 0 (2012) to the Art Museum of the Americas, Washington DC, the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño Buenos Aires or the Cuale Cultural Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, among others. Highlights include solo exhibitions at the New Media Gallery (Tivon, Israel), the photo Safia (Barcelona, ​​2010) and the Centre d’Art Cal Massó in Reus (2010) and lectures at schools such as The International Center in New York (2010), the School of Visual Arts (New York, 2010), Oranim Academic College (Israel, 2011) and participation in symposiums and conferences such as the Art and Research at the Faculty of Fine Arts (UB, 2012 ), among others.