November 20, 2010
The professor of ESDi, Valentina Montero, participated in CIMUAT

Valentina Montero made the conference "Field Study on technological artistic practice by women in Catalonia", which describes the main points of a research project begun in 2009 and whose results can be found on the website made it with Vanina Hofman. The aim of the International Congress was to meet artists and researchers who presented innovative discourses on the convergence of art and technology, linked to gender issues in the new public sphere. Through new media (electronic, digital, net-art, cyber-feminism, interactive art, video installation, video art, digital photography, sound art, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.) converged various areas of knowledge whose common thread impinged mainly on contributions from theory and practice, and in particularly the ability of states to make visible artistic practice, question and break the gender roles and stereotypes reported by Feminism and still remain in Western society. It also placed special emphasis on the role of public art, as well as social networks and activists in the creation of a new public sphere.