April 14, 2011
The Product Department research hold at various events

Review of the recent activity and upcoming events: 1. Conclusions have been published at the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy , a conference held in Brussels on 16 and 17 November. He was guest professor ESDi, Carlos Jiménez, as an expert in design, sustainability and participatory process visualization. Jimenez, who is responsible ESDi Product Department, was part of a working group called Positive Vision for Biodiversity . Reports, conclusions and videos are available on the website of Congress . With 2050 as the horizon, it covered the following topics: Governance, land management, human population, technology, energy and transportation, food, resources, daily life, economic model and values​​. You can see one of the videos of the lectures that were developed: 2. Wednesday, April 27 will be screened at the Eco-Union Association in Barcelona, a documentary called " Buy, Browse, Buy . "Subsequently, a panel discussion with participation by the teacher Carlos Jimenez, along with other experts Capdevila Alfred Serrano and the very visual director, Cosima Dannoritzer. Eco-Union is a professional association related to the environment. The short-lived deals with audiovisual products, specifically scheduled to resume consumption items. 3. The Product Department is scheduled to present the results of his research in technical communication to the " International Conference for Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing ", which will take place on 29 and 30 June and 1 July at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal. The title of the paper is Ecodesign Methodology Applied to human-powered trolleys for for Barcelona’s Urban Cleaning , written by Carlos Jimenez, John Favaro and Albert Llort. Try the eco-design research process undertaken between the Department of Product and Company Inc. CLD to develop new cars for street cleaning by some districts of the City of Barcelona. These cars must meet environmental criteria and is currently used in the districts and Nou Barris Horta.