October 21, 2011
The Product Area, special mention at the Design for recycling Awards.

Street sweeper ESDi, Higher School of Design (Designed for the Corp. CLD Company) Redesign of a manual street sweeping system, encompassing a cart, broom and bin, to be used by street sweeping personnel in Barcelona. The cart itself performs two functions: on the one hand, it serves to transport the sweeping tools and, on the other hand, it serves to collect and transport rubbish. Eco-design methodology was employed for this redesign, including the quantification of environmental impact. Properties: - Manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials (ABS plastic for the casing, recycled rubber for the wheels, steel for the structure). - Product with less environmental impact than its predecessor in the production and end-of-life-stages. - Fulfils Barcelona City Council’s green purchasing criteria. - Durability for a minimum service period of 8 years. - Ergonomic, adaptable to the user’s needs, prevents workplace illnesses. - Economically competitive, strengthening the local production network. It has received a special mention from the jury for being a comprehensive project that addresses environmental aspects in all its stages, from conceptualisation to development, constituting a good example of both eco-design and university-company partnership. Further information: