November 3 2016
The PFG "Fractal" Núria Crosas, graduated in Graphic Design in ESDi has been chosen to be part of Blanc Festival.

"Fractal" is a project which includes the final project in a very smart and effective message body of dance and transforms it into written language through a geometric iconography and color schemes. Understanding that dance notation should be understood by a wide audience, not only for professionals, comes Fractal, an encoding scheme with geometric symbols, standards and simple, universally interpretable.



The designer will present his project on Friday 11 November at the Casino L’Aliança Poblenou under the Blanc Fest, the festival of graphic design in Catalonia.

The Blanc Festival was born in 2009 devoted entirely to the graphic design in order to publicize the emerging design and promote the sector. A very special event that brings together and creates synergies between emerging designers, professionals and sponsors.
Two intense days of conferences, lectures and experiences on graphic design and creativity.