February 25, 2013
The PEP project to indicis Foundation has been selected by .Idea Cosmocaixa Ecotendències

The Commission consists of the Department of Science, Research and Environment and Entrepreneurship Area of "La Caixa" and Ramon Folch Studio and Associates Ltd., praised especially the level of innovation, originality, diversity and environmental contribution of the selected projects , among which is the PEP project, promoted by Indicis Foundation. Particularly in the case of PEP, the commission stressed that environmental values ​​and develops educational and social. Therefore, this project will be presented on March 12 in Barcelona Cosmocaixa. The session will be moderated by Mr. Josep Maria Monfort, Director General of the Institute of Research and Technology (IRTA). In addition, the project will be reflected in the Ecotendències site. The project’s aim is to encourage PEP consumption of locally produced food and agricultural varieties Vallès own (as the Jewish ganxet and small chickpeas) among children and youth in Sabadell. At the same time, wants to help boost local development valuing farmers figure Sabadell Agricultural Park and transmit the environmental benefits associated with holding a diet based on proximity products, for example, the reduction in consumption energy, emissions of greenhouse gases and the use of packaging.

PEP (Pagès-Escola-Pagès) from Ariadna Claret on Vimeo.