October 05, 2012
The PEP project (Pagès-Escola-Pagès) has already a pilot school where being developed

One of the main PEP project development was the identification of a school in the town of Sabadell that met the basic requirements for participation in the project (’re interested in collaborating, being attached to the School Agenda 21 Sabadell have a school garden and mature). Thanks to the advice service for Sustainability and Ecosystem Management of Sabadell and this has been possible It has been proposed to participate in the project at the School Forest. In a meeting last week of September, which was attended by members of the management team of the Floresta School in Sabadell and Indicis Foundation and Product and Interior Department, he made ​​a commitment to collaboration and the roadmap to follow during the coming months. Floresta School welcomed the opportunity to participate in the project and work food and vegetable from another perspective, in times when the economic and human resources are scarce.